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Registering your car in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

I have chosen these three emirates, because they are the most common and because procedures in all the other emirates are likely to be a mish-mash of these three.  Also, in all cases before re-registering all traffic fines must be paid for.

I’ll start with Dubai because it’s the easiest (for me.)

Registering in Dubai

Usually when you buy your car, brand new from a showroom, they’ll take care of the registration process for you.

If you’re buying it second-hand, it’s a similar process to re-registering. You will need to transfer the car onto your name from the previous owner. The previous owner will have to go with you to a Tasjeel Centre.

If your car is less than 3 years old, you can register over the phone as long as you have your insurance sorted. If it isn’t, you have to go down to the Tasjeel centre – Emirates Road with
·      Technical examination test (if you bought your car more than two years ago)
·      Insurance document
·       Vehicle registration card
·       Passport copy (for individuals) or commercial license copy (for companies)
If you live in Dubai but have a visa from another emirate, also take your Dewa bill and / or tenancy contract.

This service does cost around 400 dirhams for a light vehicle…but check how much it is before you go, it changes all the time. Your Emirates ID card will not be suitable at RTA offices at the time of writing this blog, I have no idea why, but they don’t seem to know what it is.

This is the link to the Tasjeel Centres in Dubai

The documents and prices regularly change, so please call the RTA on 800 90 90 to check you have the right documents.

Note: If you have a car registered in another emirate (Sharjah, Abu Dhabi etc), you will have to go to that emirate to re-register your car, even if you live in Dubai. As far as I know, it’s the same across the country. But when you do this, you may be able to apply to change the registration of your car, so the year after you could register in the Emirate of your choice.

In the case of a second hand car, you will need to transfer the car into your name from that of the previous owner. This costs about 400 dirhams also. The car seller will need to go with you.

You will need to get
·      A sale agreement, which you can get in Tasjeel centres
·      Passport copy of both parties plus originals
·      Insurance in your name.
·      Technical test. (If the car is damaged, you will need to repair and pay for that damage.)

Also, just as an aside, the RTA does offer disabled badges, it’s a nightmare to get one I’m sure. Here’s a link if you would like to know the procedure

Abu Dhabi

This is all done through the Abu Dhabi Police since there isn’t an RTA in AD.

It costs around 200 dirhams to register a light vehicle and you will need far more documents than Dubai. I would suggest taking both a copy and the original of every single document, even though they say it’s not necessary. You will need:

1.   Passport and Visa
2.   Employment certificate
3.   Driving license
4.   Car Insurance policy for 13 months.
5.   Technical Test result
6.   Vehicle Contract- issued by manufacturer or vehicle selling agent
7.   Bank certificate- regarding car loan information
8.   Notarised vehicle ownership transfer certificate- if you’re not the first owner of the car

According to Abu Dhabi e Government, the service is pretty straightforward if your documents are in order. Once you get to the Traffic & Licensing Department, you just need to fill in the designated form, submit the required documents and then check with the delivery counter to receive the registration.

It’s a similar procedure for Re-registering, but you will only need the following documents. Again please take both a copy and the original, just in case. It costs around 100 AED for a light vehicle.

1.   Vehicle Registration card
2.   Technical Inspection certificate
3.   Passport and visa
4.   Insurance policy, shouldn’t be older than a month
5.   Employment certificaxxte- original, apparently. (Glad I don’t live in Abu Dhabi because I have no idea what an employment certificate is.)

If you have any questions beforehand, call 600 5 333 33.


I have been told that registering a car in Sharjah is quite difficult, and that a person is allowed only one car in their name. I am unsure if this has changed at the time of writing and would appreciate some input on the subject. This is the number for the Sharjah Traffic Department 06 538 1111.

It costs around 380 dirhams to register.

For registering your car you will need

·      Sales certificate
·      13 Months insurance certificate
·      Bank certificate regarding car loan
·      Passport and Visa

For Re-Registering (costs around 200 AED)

·      Insurance in buyer’s name valid for 12 months
·      Vehicle testing certificate
·      Registration card
·      Passport and Visa

I haven’t been told that the seller needs to go with you, but assume that they do, since the process has been described to me as ‘similar to Dubai but difficult’

Now, remember, take a copy and original of everything and just breathe


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing the light over that registration nightmare.

Very helpfull topic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing the light over that registration nightmare.

Very helpfull topic.

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